A standard ADA configuration can be installed on any pHp 5.3x / Mysql 5.x enabled web server, following the common Drupal installation procedure. As clean URLs feature is already preconfiguresd, the server should have mod_rewrite enabled. Creative Commons License.

ADA desktop version is intended primarily for demo purposes or small, local network operations. It is prepared as a Windows installer, and includes installation of USBWebserver 8.6, a fast, lightweight web server package containing Apache, MySQL, PHP and PHPMyAdmin.

# Software
1 ADA desktop toolset Download Contact Us
2 ADA server toolset - Contact Us
3 ADA server custom installation - Contact Us
4 Host server components installation and configuration - Contact Us
5 1 year email/telephone support - Contact Us
6 Training ADA-creating and managing a digital archives - Contact Us
7 Training-In-house and crowd-source scanning with ADA - Contact Us
8 Training-In-house and crowd-source metadata entry with ADA - Contact Us
9 ADA lab - essentially a guide to create your own perfect match digital imaging lab to support your own unique digitization process - Contact Us
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